Morris 4x4 Center Welcomes Falken's Wildpeak All Terrain Tires

Falken Tires is our newest tire line to join the Morris 4X4 Center family of products. But that doesn't mean they're the new kids on the truck tire block. They've been making performance tires since 1983. They've been running their tires in off road competitions such as the Kenya Endurance Rally Race, Paris to Dakar Rally Championship, Australian Rally Championship, all the way up to the King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge (which they conquered for a win - twice!). A race  which many call the toughest stock class off-road race in North America! And just recently, here in July 2014, Falken Tire swept the Unlimited Class at W.E. Rock West Event in Washington on their Wildpeak Tires. So it goes without saying, these folks know a bit about off road (and on road) tires. Now you can hook up with great Falken Wildpeak All Terrain Tires straight from the Morris 4X4 Center. These tires offer an aggressive stance and unparalleled traction. As well as exceptional on-road response and optimized off-road handling. They feature:
  • Two stiff extra wide steel belts for better stability
  • Four wide grooves that are multi-angled for water, mud and snow
  • Biting block edges for more traction
  • Tire rim sizes range from 15" to 24"
  • Tire sizes range from 29" to 37"
  • Shoulder blocks reduce the chance for tire noise
  • Long sweeping sides for traction
These Falken Wildpeak All Terrain Tires are designed to perform on the highway as well as off road, and anywhere in between. They're the best of both worlds.  Especially if you need to travel two environments, and need a tire you can depend on the way to the office as well as on the trail. So check'em out, and get hooked up with some of these great new tires for your Jeep, right here at Morris 4X4 Center, your number one place for tires!