Morris 4x4 Center's New Location for Jeep Parts Update

Here at the Morris 4x4 Center, we are still working hard to get everything ready before the end of the year. We've got some construction workers, electricians, plumbers, and a whole host of people forging our new digs into a lean, mean, order shipping machine. It's going to be awesome! We can't help but want to share with you, our great Customers. There's so much more we can do to make our good service even better! And this new work space will help us be more efficient and able to handle more of your orders in the future. The work crews are now installing the larger modern offices (Woo hoo!) to house all the folks here who work hard and long hours to keep all the wheels working for the website and Customer Service. Soon we will have room to breath and can stop rubbing elbows. We will also have room to expand, more products, and more employees to make sure we keep taking care of our Customers like we should. So check out the short sneak peek video. It won't be long now, and we'll have a more updates as we get closer to a launch date. We can't wait to meet our Jeep family and friends at the front doors. Stay Tuned!