Mountain Off-Road Jeep Dead Pedals from Morris 4x4 Center

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Shifting in and out of gear manually can be a bit tedious at times for any vehicle. If you've never driven a car or Jeep with a dead pedal, you don't know what you're missing. Fortunately, we carry the new M.O.R.E Dead Pedals here at the Morris 4x4 Center. This simple add-on can make the different between a tired leg calf, to one that's rested and ready to go on from a day of driving. If you live in the city, and you drive light to light, you know how fast your left leg can get tired pushing in the clutch pedal over and over. While you're trailing, you might be constantly down shifting to negotiate terrain, and up shifting to get up to speed. That's a lot of foot movement going on. A dead pedal, when installed, allows your foot to rest at the same height as the clutch pedal. The dead pedal products are adjustable, so once adjusted to match the height of the clutch pedal, (or slightly higher or lower, it's a preference thing) you just slide your foot over to the right and you're ready to go. Sliding your foot over is much less strain than constantly lifting your entire leg and foot up off the floor, onto the clutch pedal, and then back to the floor. Think about all that movement. Sometimes you might think you've got one leg dancing a jig and the only thing missing is the music and a mirror ball. For the most part, this is all about comfort and keeping parts of your body rested, and fighting leg fatigue. The Mountain Off Road Enterprises dead pedals are a bolt on part for the Wrangler JKs (using existing holes). For the Wrangler TJs, the pedal is installed with some minor drilling, and a small cut in the carpet. Either way, it's an easy part to include on your Jeep to be more comfortable while driving. The MORE dead pedals are powder coated in a black finish, so they can endure years of heavy use. They are even available for the passenger side (simply as a foot rest), and you can use either side if you have an automatic transmission (again, they're handy as a foot rest, especially on long highway drives). For the small amount of cost, these are a great addition to make your Jeep better, safer, and more enjoyable to drive. Best of all, we carry them here at Morris 4x4 Center, your favorite place for Jeep parts.