In continuation of their 75th Anniversary, Jeep has enlisted recording artist Ciara, to share her Jeep story. Though that may not be exciting news to a huge part of the Jeep brand's demographic, perhaps knowing they can share their own Jeep story will add a bit of incentive for die hard Jeep lovers to get in on the action.

Share Your Jeep Story

This year-long campaign started yesterday, and is open to Jeep's global audience. Anyone who cares to share their Jeep story may do so by visiting the official page here. The effort is a continuation of the brand's recent commercial "portraits" which stated "We Don't Make Jeep. You Do." Starting April 7th, you can share your story at the above link, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag: #myjeepstory. Every month, Jeep will release a short story session that speaks to special moment's in the brand's 75 year long tenure.  Your story could possibly be shared as part of the 75th Anniversary celebration. Jeep-Superbowl-Ad-2016 At the end of the year, Jeep will have created a digital short featuring 75 stories that speak about the brand at its roots. Jeep will also donate $1.4 million dollars to the USO show to support our troops. Chances are you've been telling your Jeep story to other owners since you hit your first trail or installed your first soft top. Why not take the opportunity to share it with others on an international scale? Are you going to share you story with Jeep? You can always share it with us on our Social Media channels below! Follow US! Read More: