New Grand Wagoneer Sneak Preview Coming Very Soon

Sometimes the members of the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and maybe the next Grand Wagoneer, don't always get the respect they used to in the past. At least, not like a Wrangler. The days of the SJ, with it's massive body and grille, and the all to familiar wood grain sides, is a thing of the past. And while the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee live on with their futuristic styling, the Grand Wagoneer has become but a shadow badge in the line up for Jeep. Or has it? With gas relatively cheap, and SUVs still popular around the world, it's no wonder that Jeep, still having some of the best selling years in the history of the brand, want to expand in the SUV market. But they already have the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee almost selling faster than they can make them. What other tricks do they have in the magic bag? For one thing, and you will probably see them in 2017, they have the Grand Wagoneer.  Or at least the nameplates. The big question is, just how "new" will this vehicle be? Will it be an all new platform? A new body? Or will they just slap a name plate on the fender, jack the price up, and call it a day with free floor mats? Sources say it may be built on the same platform as a Dodge Durango (ladder frame) or the Grand Cherokee (unibody). The market for more expensive SUVs is the highest it's ever been. Not just with a Cadillac Escalade, or GMC Suburban, or the Range Rover and Mecedes-Benz GL Class vehicles. Selling from $50,000 to over a $100,000, what can the market endure? Jeep wants to be part of that luxury high end group. With a new Jeep Grand Wagoneer brought t the market, they just might be able to fill that niche. Of course, being a Jeep, most of us want to know it's offroad and 4x4 capabilities. We want to be able to pack this vehicle up and hit some trails and go camping, wind surfing, kayaking. (in an  $ 80,000 vehicle? Maybe). For right now, it's all a bit cloak and dagger.  Jeep hasn't really nailed down any specifics. It's slated that a sneak preview may come around in August 2015, possibly in Las Vegas. Some Jeep dealers across the country may get a few "2018" Grand Wagoneers to show to the public as well. This is like two temptations: one for the dealers to carry the vehicle, and an incentive for Customers to plan on purchasing one when they are in production. They've created the buzz and rumors now. Whether it's real or just another way to get the Jeep name out there, only time will tell. Check with your local dealership and see if they will be getting one to show. We would like to see them draw back the curtain and roll out the Jeep Chief ... with Grand Cherokee badges... Yeah, we could go for that. Who's got the kayaks?