If you had some cash burning a hole in your pocket, waiting for that big bus, ahem, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, you may have to douse that fire for now. Some rumors are circulating that it is possible we may not see that vehicle very soon.

New Jeep Grand Wagoneer On Hold

Despite all the enthusiastic fanfare when it was first hinted at, or announced. Where a luxury SUV made in American can go toe-to-toe with the Porsche and Land Rover, it is probably not going to happen. The FCA is a multi-corporation, with its many hands in other cookie jars around the world. The FCA makes vehicles by Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Lancia, Ram trucks, Abarth, and even Maserati. They have got a lot to juggle when it comes to being a car manufacturer. The problem is, when one of the slices of that pie does not do very well, the other slices have to take a hit for the team - and pick up the pace. What does that mean? If Fiat or Alfa Romeo are not selling well, and they need some cash to help out, those funds come from someone else in the pie. This time? Probably Jeep. Perhaps Dodge. Making the all-new Grand Wagoneer is no small feat. Jeep wants to go from a ladder-frame to a unibody. That is like apples and oranges. They have to design and build an entirely new car plant to do that, end to end. That is just one of a thousand things they have to contend with. Factor in new training for the workers, new robots, new everything. They have also put a hold on coming out with a new style on the heavy duty Dodge Ram trucks. It is rumored that they will continue to use the design they have now instead of freshening it up or changing anything drastically. The new Dodge was planned to use a new type chassis possibly, but we will not quite know for now. It is really a question if the FCA, and Jeep can keep up with the trends. By the time they tool up, build a new plant, and make a Grand Wagoneer, big luxury SUVs might be a fad of the past. Time will tell.