New Jeep Grand Wagoneer Could Cost Over $100,000

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Jeep Grand Wagoneer name bantered about. No, we’re not talking about that nearly fake Woody Wagoner in 1993, which wasn’t much more than a gussied up Grand Cherokee. When we think Grand Wagoner (or just Wagoneer), we think of the mighty SJ. You know, the one built like a tank. When real trucks had a full frame underneath. Even despite the country like origins, the SJ still had a bit of “luxury” going on. Not that you couldn’t throw a couple of hunting dogs in the back with your favorite camping gear and call it a day. It had a few refinements of the time, such as an automatic transmission, air conditioning, and even *gasp* woody graphics on the side. They stopped making those brutes back in 1991. Since then, there have been rumors, concept vehicles, whispers that it might make a comeback. Currently, Chrysler Jeep has mentioned that a Wagoner, and a Grand Wagoner, will be arriving soon. Of course, the Grand Wagoner will be just that - Grand - with a capital G. With as many toys, bells, and whistles as they can add. Their goal is to compete with high-end “luxury” 4x4s that are similar, like the Range Rover for instance, or even a Porsche Cayenne. What does that mean to the average Jeep enthusiasts that might want to live a little and drive with all the comforts of a five-star hotel? Get ready to raid your kids' college fund. Some reports floating around put the new Jeep prices around $ 85,000. And that’s the low end. For special packages with more luxury, the price could creep as high as $ 130,000 according to some Jeep officials. Suddenly it’s a whole new affair to buying a new Wagoneer. Will it price itself out of the market completely? Turning off the diehard Jeep fans? Or will it be a success? Hmm. I just don’t know if I want my hunting dogs dirtying up my Grand Wagoneer’s leather interior or messing with my Chopin or Strauss CD collections. Perhaps they can help and pass me the Grey Poupon’?