Noah Galloway's Custom Jeep at SEMA 2016

American war hero and Dancing with the Stars celebrity Noah Galloway will have his custom Jeep at the 2016 SEMA show. You can check it out at the Magnaflow Exhaust Systems Booth. Noah is an offroad enthusiast, so when he decided to have a custom vehicle built, he chose a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The vehicle has been modified by Southern Offroad Inc. in Pelham, Alabama. The concept that Noah wanted was something influenced by the military vehicles he drove while in the Armed Services. They don't use Jeeps anymore per se' in the military, but there're plenty of other off-road military vehicles to choose from for inspiration.  If anything, it should be a great tribute to the troops and 4x4 fans. The Jeep includes parts and accessories from well-known name brands such as Warn, Fab Fours, Rock Krawler, and of course, Magnaflow. When Magnaflow heard about the vehicle being built, they invited Noah to display it at their booth. Magnaflow makes high-performance exhaust and muffler systems for all kinds of vehicles, including Jeeps. Along with direct-fit replacement catalytic converters. We expect the Jeep to be a big hit. SEMA has been doing their event for over 50 years, and this year will be just as exciting, if not more, than any other automotive event. With new Jeep accessories and parts expected to come out in the four-day event, get ready for some great looking accents, performance parts, and custom stuff for your Jeeps. Noah Galloway's Jeep is just the beginning. We will keep you posted with more Jeep news from SEMA, as well as any Jeep products spotted in the coming days. This is a very exciting time for off-road folks and Jeep fans. What's on your wishlist? You just might see it at SEMA.