SEMA Jeep alert! You know them as our friends and yours, the OMIX-ADA folks. They make those parts that are almost unobtainable for the owners of Jeeps. The hard to find stuff, the stuff you need, no matter if your Jeep is from the 1940s or a 2015 model. Being one of the world’s largest independent and manufacturer of Jeep parts, you would be hard pressed to find a Jeep without an Omix-ADA part on it. Swing by their booth at SEMA and check out the Hope of Life Jeep Wrangler on display. What you will see is probably the only time that Jeep will be seen clean. Because in its daily life, it runs in the dense jungles of Guatemala with much-needed medical and food supplies.

Omix-Ada proudly sponsors the Hope of Life Jeep

Hope of Life is a Christian non-profit organization, whose mission is to search for families and children in dire need. These people are far from the city, in remote villages scattered throughout the jungles and mountains of the country. Places where even the basic needs of daily life is a struggle. Started by Carlos Vargas, Hope of Life is often the only group that can help in an emergency situation. The difficult part of the job is getting to these locations, and conducting rescues when needed. Traversing bad terrain with parents and infants down from the mountains is not an easy task. The founder of The Absolute Results Team, Jeff Williams, knew there was only one vehicle they could depend on to get the job done -  Jeep. Omix-Ada proudly supports and sponsors the Hope of Life Jeep. Saving lives come naturally to the Jeep way of life, no matter what part of the world you are from. With this Jeep bringing supplies to outlying areas and having the capability to deliver babies down from the terrain safely for emergency medical needs, we hope you stop by the Omix-ADA booth to say hello, and check this Jeep out.