Options for Mounting a Hi-Lift Jack on Your Jeep

hilift jack for Jeeps and 4x4s
So you're thinking about getting a Hi-Lift Jack. These jacks are good for when you have oversize tires and lift kits installed. But they can also be used a come-a-long, to pull a stuck vehicle out, or to move heavy objects. They are available in different lengths, but the big issue is where to store it on a Jeep. On a Wrangler, there's not much space available, especially inside the cabin, but there are multiple options to mounting the jack outside your vehicle. Lets take a quick look at a Hi-Lift Jack to see what we're working with. The jacks are available in different lengths, from around 36 inches to 72 inches. The size you use may depend on how high you need for your lift or clearance, but also, it might depend on where you plan on storing it. Let's look at some options:

Mounting a Hi-Lift Jack on the Hood - 
Hi-Lift makes a kit so you can mount the jack on your hood on a JK Wrangler. It mounts directly to your existing hood hinge holes. So there's no drilling or fabrication needed. This is a popular mounting spot since it's always visible and out of the way. Other Hood Mount Kits include:
Mounting a Hi-Lift Jack on the Bumper - fhi lift jack front bumper mounts for jeeps Hi-Lift has a universal type mount that can be adapted to almost any type of bumper on any vehicle. These mount the jack in a horizontal  position. Other mounts for the jacks are usually specific to a particular bumper from the manufacturers. The bumpers are either designed with the option of mounting a jack, or have a bracket or piece that allows you to mount the jack to their bumpers. Usually, but not always, the jack will be in an upright position. Other Bumper Mount Kits Include:
Mounting a Hi-Lift Jack on the Side -
jeep hilift jack side mounts
Some companies make mounts so you can mount your Hi-Lift Jack on the side of your Jeep. Usually by the front doors. Either on the left or right side, in a vertical position.

Mounting a Hi-Lift Jack to the Roll Bar -
jeep rear mounts for hilift jacks
A few companies make mounts so you can place the jack somewhere on the roll bar. Usually on the rear section, out of your way. These seem to work best when you have a soft top, or no top at all. Typically the jack with bee mounted horizontally.
Mounting a Jack with your Tire Carrier -
rancho hilift jack mount spare tire carriers jeep
If you have a tire carrier on the back, especially if it's a swing arm type, or it's integral to the rear bumper, there are some other options to mount your jack there. The mount can be part of the bumper / swing arm, or just a bracket to attach to those pieces. The vertical position for the jack is used the most, but not always, depending the manufacturer's design. Some Options are:
Other parts to go with your Hi-Lift Jack - There are other parts you may want to consider when choosing your jack. Since there are so many ways to use it our on the trails, and in different kinds of situations. hi lift jack mount accessories for 4x4s and jeeps
  •  Visible Orange Jack Bag  - This bag can protect your lift from damage, but is also highly visible to find quickly in an emergency, and to help make sure it doesn't get left behind on the trails.
  • Hi-Lift Versatile Lock -  You can help protect your jack from coming loose or being taken with this handy lock with key.
  • Loc-Rac Jack Locking Kit For Hi-Lift Jacks - Another lock type that uses a padlock and is made from steel materials.
  • Lift Mate - This allows you to hook the jack directly to the wheel, and lift that wheel up out of the mud, or whatever situation requires more jacking movement and lift.
  • Hi-Lift Jack Bumper Hook - There may be cases where you want to hook the jack directly to a bumper for more leverage and lifting ability.
  • Hi-Lift Offroad Jack Base - If you need more stability for the jack, especially in rough terrain or loose ground conditions, the base can give the jack a larger footprint and better stability.
  • Jack Handle Keeper - Sometimes the handle, which is positioned close to the jack, can rattle up against it. This small part can help prevent the handle from moving around, and making noise.
As you can see, choosing the Hi-Lift Jack is probably a lot easier then trying to figure out where you plan on keeping it. As we all know, room inside a Jeep is at a premium, and anytime you can store something outside your Jeep means you have more room inside for camping and trail gear. So take a look at some options and see what works best for you. See you on the trails !