With all the choices on soft tops, sometimes you want to save a few dollars, but still get a great product that can get the job done. Is there such a thing? Let's get familiar with Bestop's Pavement Ends line!

Pavement Ends by Bestop is a great value

If you're a Jeeper that tends to use the same soft top year 'round, without swapping different tops all the time, and you want to get hooked up with a good product, the Pavement Ends soft top line is the perfect deal. Check out their Replay soft top. It might not have the fancy removable windows, or flip up rear glass, or an espresso machine per se', but hey, you're a basic kinda a guy, you want something simple that will get you covered without breaking your wallet. There's nothing wrong with that.

Pavement Ends Wrangler soft tops, less features, more value

Pavement Ends soft tops are made by Bestop, so you know the quality is there, they just have fewer of the typical doo-dads that bloat the price up a bit. But that doesn't mean you're getting less than a good top. Many of the features in a Pavement Ends soft top still beat most low price "no brand" products. After all, you still need to keep your Jeep covered, and you still have to use it on a daily basis in real life.

A few of the Pavement Ends soft top features are:

  • DOT approved zip out rear windows and side windows
  • Made from durable, fade resistant, mildew resistant marine grade polyvinyl cotton fabric
  • Heavy industrial threads in the heat treated seams for maximum water protection
  • Simple and easy to install compared to more expensive tops.
  • Optional tinted windows on some tops
  • Pavement Ends soft tops are available for CJs, TJ,YJ,sand JKs (as well as Geo Trackers, Isuzu Amigos, and Suzuki Samurais).
  • Available as Full Tops, Sprint Tops, Canopy Covers and Sun Caps
By the way, Pavement Ends tops are designed to fit over your existing factory hardware, which is one of the reasons why they install so easy.

So is there a difference in materials as far as the fabric? Yes. The Pavement Ends use a polyvinyl cotton fabric, while a straight up Bestop soft top might use a more expensive Twill or Denim material.

Is there a Sun Rider Option? Nope. Pavement Ends are kept basic to make them more affordable, thus, they don't have that type of option, except for a flip top on some models.

What about door skins? Some Pavement Ends tops do have that option for Jeeps with half doors. You have to reuse your original door frame though, just like with other soft top brands.

What about tinted windows? Yes! Some of the tops have the option of side and rear tinted windows. With all the features a Pavement Ends soft top does has, you probably wonder how they could be priced so affordable. It's not about less quality, it's about having fewer of the more expensive features that make other Bestop soft tops more expensive. Why pay more for features you don't want or won't be using?

Pavement Ends soft tops gets you covered for less, without sacrificing quality.