Jeep-Wrangler Sometimes I wonder if Jeep shouldn't just come out with a vehicle called: the Jeep Recall. Then when you someone asks you what kind of car you have, you can just say, "Yeah, I have a Jeep Recall." Or, "I'm down at the dealership with my Jeep Recall." How about "I got some mail about my Jeep Recall," or my favorite, "I'm getting some new parts for free on my Jeep Recall!!". While we're making light of the issue, the possible recall is a serious safety concern.

Jeep Wrangler Electrical and Air Bag Problems

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) continues to investigate  the Jeep Wrangler' s electrical wiring issues. That's not to say a recall has been instituted. Only that they're ramping up their analysis and aspects of why some vehicles may have an electrical issues. The problem in question has to do with the clock spring wiring, which is tied into the driver side airbag circuit. At least, that's one of the possibilities. The short version, it seems, means that the air bag may not deploy correctly.

Engineers at NHTSA look into Jeep Wranglers

The engineers at the NHTSA are hard at work determining what the facts are about the issue, as it effects nearly 600,000 Jeeps. They currently have recorded over 1,700 complaints from owners. Of course, the FCA is working with the NHTSA closely, and we'll have to see how it all develops and pans out. There are no talk of recalls as yet; nothing can be decided until the analysis is done. Being aware of the issue now, you should contact your local dealership if any dash lights stay on, or operate unusually. And this pertains to any kind of problem with your Wrangler of course, not just this issue. Also note, that many of the Jeep Wranglers in question are right hand drive. Let's hope it can all be sorted out safely for all of us.