One thing about Jeepin' is that you never know what adventure lies ahead. I am not talking about the daily jaunt to work or that quick trip to the bait & tackle shop. I am speaking about getting deep in the woods, off in the desert where anything can happen. You know, Murphy’s Law. “If something can go wrong … it probably will”. One thing about owning a Jeep is that being prepared is half the fun of owning one. Not only are you driving the most capable 4x4 vehicle ever made, but you can also add tons of gear to make it the best machine on the planet. Heck, buying and installing the extra gear and accessories is a ton of fun. However, many of those accessories are not just to look good, or add to your style. Some of them are very useful, and can be life-saving at times. Especially when a trail leads you to the middle of nowhere. That place that is not really on the map and road service is not even a given thought.

Power Tank High-Performance Air System

When you think of some things to add to your Jeep, to be ready for anything, you want to consider the Power Tank. These high-performance air systems can save you a heap of trouble, and get you back on the trails in no time. First off the Powertank Systems come with what you need for your Jeep. A tank for compressed CO2, a mounting bracket (where applicable), a 25-foot air hose, a PSI regulator, and some mild hardware. Easy to install on your roll bar, it is easily within reach when you need it. (a digital tire inflator is available separately and compliments the Powertank). So why would you need a Power Tank? You can inflate a 35-inch tire in about 30 seconds. In fact, you can even seat the bead on the tire if it comes loose from the rim, or you need to change a tire. You can also run an air tool from it, such as an impact wrench, to do an emergency repair. The Powertank can run air lockers. It is portable, it does not require electricity, and it has no moving parts. Which means, if your buddy’s Jeep is down for the count, you simply have to carry the tank over to his ride and use it. No matter how far away it is from your Jeep. Powertanks are made in the U.S.A. They follow strict DOT and CGA (Compressed Gas Association) regulations when manufactured, and are made from quality materials. So why use CO2 you might ask? It is environmentally friendly. You exhale it each time you breathe. It is what makes your soda drinks fizzy. It is nontoxic and noncorrosive. For the Powertank, the main reason is "volume." The CO2 will give you three times the energy of Nitrogen in a particular tank size. Which means, having one tank of CO2 is like carrying three tanks of nitrogen, which makes it better and more economical to run CO2. You might never know when you will need some compressed air, but when you do, you will wish you had the Powertank with you. It is a great tool to have, on the road and off, and just might save you one day. Trail your Jeep - but always be ready for the unexpected!