Prepping Your Jeep for Winter

Driving in the cold harsh snow can be hard on your engine. From the cooling system to your drivetrain, you will want everything in working order. With higher rpm, higher engine loads, and the occasional snow jammed in the radiator, Your Jeep will have its work cut out for it. Here are some simple maintenance tips you can do to ensure yourself a safe winter travel.
Maintenance (Prepping for Winter)
1. Make sure your cooling system works properly. Make sure you have the correct mixture of anti-freeze and water in your engine. If you haven’t flushed the coolant system for over a year, replace your engines coolant.Check your radiator hoses while you are looking over the cooling system. Check the hoses for bulges, cracks, or anything out of the ordinary. If there is any doubt, swap it out and replace that hose. Cooling System

2. Check your belts. If any are cracked replace it. You do not want to be stranded without a belt. It will mean a cold walk home or wait for the tow truck.

3. If you are a big off-roader, you might want to check underneath the Jeep for any mud or water in the U joints or drivetrain. Also check your axles, transmission, and transfer case for water. Mopar Transfer Case Lubricant

4. If you swap to winter tires, now is the time to do it. If not, check tires for wear, dry rotting, and tread depth. Anything under 11/44-inch is dangerous in the winter and should be replaced. Check Out Our Tire Selection

5. Lubricate all door and tailgate locks with a good graphite lock lubricant, not WD-40 or anything else oil-based. The inside of the locks will attract dirt, which will attract moisture, which freezes. Mopar Graphite Lubricant

6. Check clutch and brake fluids. If they are really dirty, it means there is a lot of moisture in them. Bleed the systems out with DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid in there. Mopar Brake Fluid

7. Check to make sure the E-brake/ Parking brake cables are OK (no rust, fraying, or anything), and the system works correctly. (Never know when you will need it)

Things to carry in your Jeep
1. Radiator hose repair kit
2. Coolant
3. Fire extinguisher
4. Duct tape and zipties
5. Spare tire, Jack, and lug wrench
9. Shovel
8. Winch with D-rings