Check out this RC mudding Wrangler! At a fraction of the size it looks like the real thing. To boot, it has a snorkel and winch system, though it's admittedly not as strong as the owner would have liked. Have a look at the video below and tell me it doesn't remind you of your own run-ins with the muddy trails.

Of course, this is just for fun and nowhere near reflects true life mudding. But some of those moments sure ring a bell. For one thing, RCs of this quality can cost up to $500, a pretty comparable expense when you think of all the money you can pour into your Jeep. It also reminds us of the RC Lego Wrangler Rubicon, but we doubt that it would ever try taking on some mud.

Quick Tips for Real Mudding

For those of you who actually want to go mudding in your big boy or big girl Jeep, we've got a few tips for mudding to keep you from getting stuck.
  • Air down your tires for more traction
  • Keep your momentum going (don't stop in the middle of the mud)
  • Use good judgement; if it looks too deep then it probably is
  • "Saw" the wheel to get a zig-zag motion to get through a deep, slick spot
  • Make sure you have a friend or two around to help you out of a tight spot
  • Go with someone more experienced than you to learn the ropes
  • Clean off your rig and put air back into your tires before you get back on the paved roads
What do you think about the Mudding Rubicon RC? Tell us in the comments!

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