The Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) will be immortalizing former President Ronald Reagan's 1962 red Jeep Willys at the National Mall in Washington, DC. President Reagan loved frequenting Rancho del Cielo (also known as the Reagan Ranch) where he'd drive the Willys Jeep along the trails and enjoy the freedom of the ranch.

1962 Red Jeep Willys on Display

The organization charged with maintaining the Reagan Ranch, the Young America's Foundation (YAF), sent the Willys Jeep to the nation's capital on April 4th, and it arrived on the 14th, available for viewing to tourists. The HVA is preparing the 1962 red Jeep Willys for the "This Car Matters" display, which runs from April 20-26, 2016.   The President was known to say that if the Ranch "wasn't heaven, it was in the same zip code." That's a sentiment we know you can relate to. Anyone who has ridden on a trail with the top down knows how good your time in a Jeep can really feel. How many of you know the feeling of riding in 1962 Willys Jeep?

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