The Jeep brand has been doing everything in its power to prove that the Renegade is legit. Take this video for example. Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller can be seen driving a right hand side Trailhawk Renegade at the International White Water Centre Cardiff. Clearly all of this went down in the UK. We know we're a little late with this news, but it isn't earth shattering like some of the other stuff we've come across lately.

Jeep Renegade First to Take on White Water Course

We support Jeep. No question there. But sometimes we question the point of some of these "firsts" or awards. Jeep already sits among the very few vehicles to leave its everlasting imprint on American history. And while we don't encourage people drowning their Jeep, we don't see any merit to driving in water for the sake of it. The most interesting thing about this video is the kayaker with a go pro on his helmet zipping around the Renegade. What do you think about the Renegade taking on the white water course? Sound off in the comments! Follow Us! Read More: