Renegade and Wrangler Sales Surpass Cherokee Sales Internationally

Jeep is pushing for increased production of the Wrangler in the coming months in order to meet aggressive international demand. The Wrangler is currently Jeep's best selling offering domestically and hopes to bolster sales around the world. In a strategic move, FCA is moving Cherokee production from the Toledo plant to make room to almost double production of the Wrangler. The company plans to increase to 450,000 Jeeps per year from 240,000 currently. At the moment, the Jeep Renegade is experiencing the best sales growth internationally for the brand. It's smaller frame is overwhelmingly more appealing than larger vehicles we here in the US tend to favor. With the Jeep Compass/Patriot replacement coming, sales may best it's larger family members internationally as well. The new Compass/Patriot has the same platform as Renegade. While there is an argument for smaller vehicles being favored internationally, the Wrangler's increased production indicates that worldwide distribution is ready to be amped up for increased Wrangler sales. Approximately 70% of the Jeep Renegade's sales have come from outside of the US. If this trend continues the Renegade will surpass the Cherokee in no time. How do you feel about the Cherokee's positioning as smaller vehicles and the Wrangler take over? Talk to us in comments!

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