Rough Country
Few companies can get your Jeep rig up and running with the right off road gear and setup like Rough Country can. There's a reason why so many 4x4s and Jeeps run their products: fitment, reliability, and quality. If you really want to experience the great outdoors, and make your Jeep capable of handling the terrain as easily as running through an open field, check out some of the best Rough Country kits and parts to take your travels to the next level. Here we want to mention some of the hottest and most popular kits and setups running the wilds. These are the products Jeeps are running more than any other Rough Country kits in the country.

Jeep JK Wranglers

Rough Country JK Suspension
With the Jeep Wrangler JKs, you should look at the Rough Country 2.5" Suspension Lift Kit with Performance 2.2 Series Shocks (part RC-679P or RC-634). It allows you to run up to a 33" or 35" tire (depending on the kit used), and gives you more ground clearance for going off road. Why stay stock? This kit is 100% bolt on! Stretch your legs, get out in the mountains, and see the wonders of nature. This lift kit will reward you for years to come.

Jeep CJ Series

Rough Country CJ Series Suspension
Nothing says "I love my Jeep CJ" like a lift kit from Rough Country. It's true! Bolt on a Rough Country 4" Suspension Lift Kit with Premium N2.0 Series Shocks (part RC-6757681N or RC-675H) and your CJ will take you places you've never been before. High mountains, clean air, lakes for fishing. It's a match made in heaven! It also allows you to run a 33" tire, and it's a bolt on kit. What are you waiting for? Show the love! You can do flowers and an oil change later. This's a lift kit ! If you want to use something more mild, hook up with the Rough Country 2.5" Suspension Lift Kit with Premium N2.0 Series Shocks (Part RC-610H).

Jeep YJ Wrangler

YJ Rough Country Suspension
Of course they make kits for Jeep YJ! Looking to run some 33" tires? Step up to this Rough Country 4" Suspension Lift Kit with Premium N2.0 Series Shocks (Part RC-620N2, or RC-620P). This beast is a 100% bolt on. Perfect for the weekend warrior mechanics. New shocks, springs, sway bar links, u-bolts, bushings, brackets; this kit gets that knuckle busting YJ out in the woods and into it's natural habitat. (looking for a 4.5 lift? Check out the Rough Country 4.5" X-Series Suspension Lift Kit with Premium N2.0 Series Shocks, Part RC-617.20, or RC-618.20). If you're looking for a little less lift, and only want to run a 31" tire, you can drop some cold cash on the Rough Country 2.5" Suspension Lift Kit with Premium N2.0 Series Shocks (Part RC-615H). It's still a bolt on kit, it's just a little less rowdy than the 4 inch kit.

Jeep Cherokee XJ

Cherokee CJ Rough Country Lift Kit
Got a Jeep Cherokee XJ that's still breathing and looking to mark it's territory on the next tree? First you gotta get there. Take your XJ off road with the Rough Country 4.5" X-Series Suspension Lift Kit with Premium N2.0 Series Shocks (Part RC-633XN2 ). If you're manly enough to drive an XJ, you're bulls to bears able to rock this 4.5" kit ! It's 100% bolt on, and lets you run a 32" tire. That means, you and your XJ posse' can get that kit installed before lunch and be on the trails by dinner time and deer meat. (for a 3" lift, you can use Part RC-630x). Ready to scare the neighbors and go AWOL on your boss ? Bust open a tool box and crack open this Rough Country 6.5" X-Series Suspension Lift Kit with Premium N2.0 Shocks (Part RC-696N2, or, RC-633N2 / RC-623N2). Seriously, this kit gives you some big time ground clearance, let's you run 33" tires, and gives you everything from adjustable X-flex control arms to sway bar disconnects.  Military grade? No. Cherokee XJ grade? Much scarier! Now you can get so lost in the woods even those bounty hunters won't find you.

Jeep TJ Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler TJ Rough Country LIft Kits
Keep your Jeep TJ off the grid with a Rough Country 4" Suspension Lift Kit with Premium N2.0 Series Shocks (Part RC-906s, or Part RC-PERF661x ). You can run up to a 33" tire with this easy bolt on kit. shocks, springs, control arms with Clevite bushings, sway bar links, brackets, and more. This kit is bursting with the parts you need to rock that TJ down the trails and get you to the mountain top first. Want a little less lift but still run your 33's? Check out the Rough Country 3.25" Suspension Lift Kit with Premium N2.0 Series Shocks (Part RC-642.20). Great for the PowerTech 4.0 Inline-Six. Heck yeah!

Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

Grand Cherokee Lift Kits by Rough Country
Not many companies offer kits of any kind for the Grand Cherokee WJ's. But that hasn't stopped Rough Country from developing their 4" X-Series Suspension Lift Kit with Performance 2.2 Series Shocks (Part RC-639P or RC-695H). Looking to slap on some 31" tires and get the heck out of Dodge? This kit has what you need in one convenient package you can depend on. Shocks, coil springs, sway bar disconnects, bump stop spacers, adjustable rack rod, and brackets, with many more parts to get you ready for the deep bush. The only other Grand Cherokees that will be hanging out where you're going will be WJs with this Rough Country lift kit.

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK

Grand Cherokee WK Lift Kits by Rough Country
Looking to get a slightly bigger tire on your Grand Cherokee WK? Maybe squeeze on a 31" tire? Maybe the other Grand Cherokees have been making fun of you because you can't  play with the big dogs? You need to look into the Rough Country 2" Spacer Suspension Lift Kit (Part RC-664). It's a bolt on kit, and only takes about 3 to 4 hours to install. With more ground clearance and bigger tires, you can get off road and hang with Jeep crowd like a pro. (This is an EXTREMELY popular kit with our customers). By the way, if you're installing a Rough Country lift it, be sure and check out the Rough Country Front Adjustable Track Bar for 1.5"-4.5" Lift (Part RC-7572).  For TJs and XJs, it will help keep the geometry correct and it's much stronger than a stock part. Another popular addition is the Rough Country Dual RCX Performance Steering Stabilizer (Part RC-87349). With a lift kit, and larger tires, these help keep the steering wheel from jerking out of your grip, and add some steering stability while driving at highway speeds. There's no need to mix and match parts, Rough Country has you covered all the way around! Don't forget the Rough Country NP231 Slip Yoke Eliminator (Part RC-50-7906). Once you've lifted your Jeep and installed bigger tires on it, the stress on the slip yoke or rear output shaft is often too much. Why take a chance? Play it safe! Use Rough Country SYE parts you can depend on. Going offroad, chances are, many of the parts underneath your Jeep will take a beating.  Including lower control arms. These Rough Country Front or Rear X-Flex Lower Control Arms (Part RC-1190) are far superior to your stock ones. They consist of ball-in joint with a massive 2.5" diameter body, and huge 1.25" threads which allow for greater articulation off-road. If you're installing a new  Rough Country lift kit, you might as well add these and make your Jeep tougher than ever. If you need wheel spacers to get the wheel and tire combo you want, check out the Rough Country  Wheel Spacers (Part RC-1091, or Part RC-109). Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum, they are durable, and corrosion resistant. Rough Country has also expanded into the LED light bar scene (part RC-70950).   At 50-inches, this jaw dropping powerful LED light bar puts out 23,040 lumens and has over 288 watts of raw power.  Tongue tied and chicken fried, you can light up Grand Canyon with this puppy! Rough Country includes mounting brackets, and an on/off switch with a wiring harness to make it a no hassle installation too. Don't let the low price fool you, this is a high quality light bar, and a popular seller for our off-road Customers. Rough Country Light Bars
As you can see, Rough Country offers the parts and lift kits that allow you to enjoy your Jeep more, and up its off road capabilities. Safely, easily, and with the parts you can trust to get you out on the woods and back again. Rough Country, available right here at Morris 4x4 Center! See ya on the trails.

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