How'd you like to protect your Jeep with some body armor for trailing? Got a welder, saws-all, drill and duct tape? Good! ...because you don't need any of those to install this new Rugged Ridge Magnetic Body Armor.

Rugged Ridge Magnetic Body Armor for Wranglers

Sure, there will always be armor for severe trailing and DEFCON-1 situations. That hard core stuff that's one step down from an Abrams M1A1. But some folks use their Jeeps as a daily driver, and have to get to work on Monday. And maybe they want to keep their Jeep looking good, even after climbing some boulders and busting their way through some rough heavy bush. Well my friends, Rugged Ridge has heard your cries for help, and they've engineered the perfect solution for the weekend warriors. Magnetic Body Armor. Magnetic-Armor-Side-Panels That's right, no tools needed. No straps, no velcro, no Gorilla Glue. Just grab one of the 16-gauge thick panels and pop it right onto your Jeep. Bang .. let's go. The panels were developed as a kit from Rugged Ride, the magnetic armor kits are available for 2-door JK Wranglers as well as the 4-door Unlimited JKs. The Unlimited Set includes 15 panels alone to protect your paint and your Jeep.

Solid Jeep Protection against Rocks, Debris and Brush

Obviously, they will protect your Jeep from rocks and debris. Anything can happen on the trail. You can use all the body panels, or just some of them, depending on what you're doing. We especially like the idea of protecting the sides from heavy brush. Have you ever seen the long scratches a tree limb or heavy brush can leave? It's almost like getting your car keyed. Another thing with these sets is you save a lot on installation costs, possibly hundreds of dollars. You don't need a mechanic, welder, or custom shop to get them on board. You can put them on yourself anytime you want, within a few minutes. You could also have some fun with them, like decorating them with odd stickers, graphics, paint schemes, or whatever, and you don't have to worry about damaging your paint job. And it won't be permanent. These are the body panels you've been waiting for. Now you can trail places you might have been reluctant to tackle before. So get your set today, and start your adventure!