Rugged Ridge C3 Rear Cargo Cover

If you use your Jeep a lot, chances are you need a rear cargo cover. Whether you're throwing messy work materials into the back of your rig, muddy work boots, beach-sand covered kids or furry friends, a Rugged Ridge C3 rear cargo cover can handle all of the above. Keep the rear cargo area of your rig protected from scratches, stains, and more while dealing with every day activities. From the trails back to the house, and everywhere in between, a cargo cover can serve a Jeep owner in a multitude of ways.
Easy to use and versatile, the protective area can adjust to cover the entire back passenger area or just the "trunk" space. This cargo cover is made for the JK Wrangler. No worries though, you can protect the interior of your YJ or CJ Jeep with this all terrain cargo liner. It's practical, and features:
  • Water resistant material
  • A split fold feature allows for 40-60 rear seat lowering
  • Coverage with your rear seat up, partially or fully lowered
  • A flip out cover flap keeps dirt from falling into the rear tailgate door gap
  • A built-in front curtain wall helps to keep items and pets from entering the front seat area
  • A unique side retention system insures the cover stays securely in place as you load or unload
Rugged Ridge also has a big line of seat covers with or without extra storage compartments, among many other aftermarket Jeep accessories. How do you use your rear cargo cover? Tell us in the comments!

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