Do you like the great outdoors? Try a Rugged Ridge Exo Top. But be warned: you have to really like nature. I mean, do you like to take your Jeep out trailing with enough gear to wait out WWIII? You know, camping, fishing, boar hunting... do you do it all? If you like to open up your Jeep to feel the wind at your back and the bugs in your teeth, and you want to be able to get the gear stowed up and out of the way for the journey, Rugged Ridge must have heard your call. Because they've upped the ante for full tilt adventures with their Exo Top and Roof Rack system.  

Rugged Ridge Exo Soft Top and Roof Rack System

Now you can get the best of both worlds with this dual system from Rugged Ridge. First up is the roof rack: The rack mounts externally on your Jeep, with no drilling involved. That's right, this baby bolts on for ease of installation and use. It's a 300lb capacity roof rack that keeps all your gear out of the way, but close at hand when you need it. Fortunately, it's available for both the 2-door models and the 4-door JK Wrangler Unlimited. It has a classic black finish, so it goes with any color Jeep. While functional, it still has plenty of style to make your Jeep look good while doing what it was born to do: trail! But let's no forget about the second thing. The innovative soft top. This is where it really gets the cool stuff vote. The soft top hangs from the roof rack. That means it's easy to install, but even easier to take off so you can enjoy your Jeep in the open air. The soft top is attached to the roof rack with velcro straps, so you can pull it nice and tight for a flush fit, but loosen the straps and take it off in mere minutes. No tools are needed to remove the top. But wait, there's more! The front portion has a Sun Slider retractable roof! Perfect when you just want to open up the front.   Exo Top     And get this. You don't have to remove the gear from the Exo Roof Rack to use the soft top! Nope. Leave your gear right where you put it. Use the Sun Slider, take the soft top off, whatever. But there's no need to touch the gear on the rack. If you seriously trail, and need to pack lots of gear, and like to enjoy your Jeep with the top in different configurations, this is the perfect top for your needs. Even if you don't trail, if you hit the beach, is there any other setup that's perfect for slinging a couple of boards on top and hitting the surf? We don't think so. The Rugged Ridge Exo Top system is an exceptionally well made soft top with your active lifestyle and configuration preferences in mind. If you're looking for other brands and styles of tops for your Jeep Wrangler, click here. Or check out our recent post about Mopar replacement soft tops. What do you put on your Jeep rack? How does it compare to the Exo Top?