Rugged Ridge Kilroy Wrangler

Check out the Rugged Ridge Kilroy Wrangler.  The "Kilroy" Jeep takes a step back with an overall military green color, accented with custom post Lend-Lease graphics. But that's all just cosmetic. The heart of the Jeep is the long list of Rugged Ridge accessories used to build the Rubicon Jeep Wrangler.

Rugged Ridge thinks of things in packages. Meaning, their designs are integral, and meant to give a combined look that makes you think that the Jeep just "came that way" from Ohio. You're not getting that "tacked on" feel where it looks like someone assembled a bunch of Legos where things might not fit together like they should. That's not the case with Rugged Ridge.

Here's a few items we've spotted in the video: From the brief shots of the back of the Jeep, we see: From underneath, we get some shots of the suspension. The parts have been custom painted, still, we're looking at: These are just a few Rugged Ridge parts that we see, but there are many more.. You really don't have to get down to each individual part because Rugged Ridge specializes in "Packages". You can purchase a Rugged Ridge Package and you know all the parts are compatible, and work together. No figuring out mis-matched parts, no custom fabrications, and most, if not all, are bolt on installations. You don't even have to break out a drill. The big boxes show up at your door, you get a few Jeep buds over to your garage, and you're ready to get down to upgrading your Jeep.

Upgrade packages include: While the "Kilroy" Jeep is one of a kind, your JK Jeep Wrangler can be too. The best way to start off with your Jeep is to hook up with a Rugged Ridge Package, or just choose the individual parts they offer to make the Jeep you've always dreamed about. Either way, Rugged Ridge can help you get it done, with the look you want.

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