Save Your Bumper with a Weathertech Bumpstep from Morris 4x4 Center

weathertech bumpsteps from morris 4x4 center

Weathertech has come up with a new product that makes you wonder why someone hasn't thought of it before. Their new BumpStep is a hitch mounted solution to protecting the back of your Jeep or Truck. And you can get this hot product right here at Morris 4x4 Center. The BumpStep has two functions. First, it acts as a quick rear step to help you get up into a your truck. It can also help to get you into the back of your Jeep to get your gear out. If you have a rack or basket up top, this new product will really help out with the loading and unloading. Especially if you are trying to latch down the surfboard or kayak. But the big bonus, and the second purpose of the BumpStep, is to protect the back of your vehicle. How does it do this? The WeatherTech BumpStep slides into your 2" trailer receiver hitch. Once in place, it acts as a mini bumper, the all important barrier between some yahoo driving a POS and your ultimate ride. I know what you're thinking. Your thinking, "Hey, I already have a back bumper!". Yes that's true. But have you priced a new bumper lately? Do you really want that bumper scratched, dented, or mangled? What if you have a Cherokee. What if they hit the rear doors. Now we're talking some serious money for body work. It's just not worth it. What if you back into something accidentally? Concrete isn't very forgiving. Neither is a tree. Do you parallel park a lot? What's the guy behind you doing? Using your rear bumper to guide him in place?

jeep weathertech jeep bumpstep at morris 4x4 center

You can install the WeatherTech BumpStep in mere minutes. It's a great bargain. It's very useful. It's an all win product all the way around ! Save your bumper and protect your Jeep or your truck at the same time. Grab yours now at the Morris 4x4 Center. Your bumper will thank you for it!