We stumbled across these Jeep icons while perusing the net and we just had to share. Sean Kerry, the guy who created these, is an artist, illustrator, and designer from the UK. He specializes in digital illustration, branding, and icons (obviously!).

Pretty Sweet Jeep Icons

Sean-Kerry-Jeep-Icon-1 Sean-Kerry-Jeep-Icon-2 Sean-Kerry-Jeep-Icon-3 Sean-Kerry-Jeep-Icon-5 Sean-Kerry-Jeep-Icon-6 Sean-Kerry-Jeep-Icon-7 Sean-Kerry-Jeep-Icon-8
You can follow Sean and see his all of his amazing work at: We love these images and hope you do too. From classic military Jeeps to custom Jeeps with light bars, roll cages, and roof racks, this guy really captures the essence of Jeep customization. He even added a winch and a snorkel! Go follow Sean and give him some positive feedback on these awesome icons. Which of these was your favorite? Tell us via Facebook!

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