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Bestop Introduces the Trektop NX Glide!

To be honest, you are probably wondering why we need another soft top for a Jeep Wrangler, and that is because there’s always one more way to make a better soft top that will help Jeep owners enjoy what they love - the great outdoors. The all new Bestop Trektop NX Glide will be hitting our doors around the Spring of 2017 but you can Pre-Order one today

Check out the video below:

Whether it is a mountain pass, fishing from their favorite lake, or taking off to the desert for some camping under the stars. The best way to enjoy the outside environment is to find ways you can bring that into your Jeep.

That means finding new ways to make a soft top easier to use. We all want that. Well, Bestop (the number one Jeep soft top company in the world) did just that.

The brand new Bestop Trektop NX Glide design features NO zippers with all the award winning features from the original Trektop NX; a sleek slant back design, but with a fully retractable top. The side windows can also be removed easily from the outside, in seconds.

If you only want to move the top partially back, that puts your Jeep in a "Bikini Mode", to let the sun in and catch some rays. To go all the way, you can slide back the top, all the way to the rear section of the Jeep. By doing that, with the side windows off, it's pretty much like having no top at all. (and a nifty feature is the folded top, once all the way back, has some cool storage pockets for some small gear items).

With the top up/on, the video shows a clear window panel to cover the back (that slides in and out of tracks to keep it fast and straightforward for removal).

They use two individuals in the video, just to move the action along but we do not see any reason why just one person could not raise and lower this soft top by themselves.

The Trektop NX Glide is a soft top you seriously want to use. It is fast to operate, easy to use, and eliminates the daunting soft top zippers.

Just in time for Spring/Summer 2017!

Bestop's designs and manufactures soft tops and parts for Jeeps all day, and with their large customer base, through feedback and innovative ideas, new products are always on their mind. You never know what they will think of next!

Don't wait until they're all gone! You can Pre-Order one on Morris 4x4

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