Shortage on New Revised Cylinder Head for Pentastar V6 Engine

Complaints have been recently filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding customers who’ve experienced excessive valve ticking, engine misfires, and stalling, which have resulted in a loss of power and engine damage. Chrysler dealers have been replacing cylinder heads on certain models equipped with the standard 3.6L Pentastar V6 with a new and improved revised design. This problem is nothing new to Jeep owners but to make matters worse Chrysler has also been experiencing a shortage of these replacement cylinder heads, leaving customers stranded for weeks without parts for their vehicles. Chrysler’s senior vice president for quality. “Our intention is to always satisfy the needs of the service market ahead of production. This came to my attention a couple weeks ago. We have parts in the pipeline to remedy that shortfall.” Around 1,300 vehicles have been held up due to the shortage of parts. Some have speculated that the Pentastar V6’s unique exhaust manifold, which uses one outlet for the engine exhaust, builds up excessive heat and is the main cause of this issue. Most engines have multiple outlets to channel hot exhaust gases. Chrysler’s chief of engineering denies that possibility. Instead, they point the cause to be contributing factor: Various fuel mixes and the way the engine is driven. Chrysler has been fixing all affected engines under warranty and also has been providing rental vehicles for stranded customers.