Snowboarder Pulled by a Jeep in New York City

A snowboarder pulled by a Jeep is not something you see every day, but it sure sounds like a good time. Might as well put that 4WD to use, right? American film director Casey Neistat took to the streets to combine the worlds of Jeep and snowboarding into some dangerous but eye-catching moves on a very cold and icy day in New York City, days after the recent record setting blizzard of 2016. Featured in this awe-inspiring video are some heroic shots of the snowboarder pulled by a Jeep as he expertly dodges and careens past a few other slow moving/stopped vehicles, giving pedestrians high fives as they coast by, and a patriotic slow motion shot of the snowboarder waving the American flag. It was all fun and games until the NYPD showed up and put a stop to it. Well hey, ya gotta be safe out there! Double kudos for the Go Pro shots! If you're currently driving a Jeep in the snow and think you can use a little help to boost its performance or safety, check out this post on dealing with bad winter weather. Have you ever had to pull something or someone out with your Jeep during the winter? Tell us about it in the comments!