So You Say You Want to Rebuild a Jeep

rusty jeep parts
You've dreamed about a Jeep for years. Then one day, whether it's fate, karma, or that heartburn from one too many tacos, you pass  a facsimile on the side of the road. It calls to you. You can hear it. It's whispering in your ear, "Take me home." You pass it a few more times coming home from work, and then, in a moment of passion, you veer off the certain path you've grown accustomed to day by day, and suddenly, you're there: right in front of it. You take in it's dated and weather beaten aroma. Your eyes wander over it's rusty fenders and shagged body tub. One bald flat tire begs for forgiveness. The well worn seat, the one that's not missing, has all the attraction of a five day old roadkill from the middle of an Arizona highway. But it could be yours! It just needs some TLC, some Jeep love, maybe some serious prayer, and all your dreams could come true. You're stricken, infatuated, you can't take your eyes off it. You brain screams ... "Don't look! Turn away now! No one looks upon the Gorgon and lives! ... but it's to late. You knock on the ole cabin door, an older man opens the door, and yes, that old Jeep is for sale. You haggle for a moment, he goes in to get the title, you count out the money, and before you can catch your breath and your sanity, you just became the owner of a Jeep. Or rather, something that resembles a Jeep. A few phone calls and arrangements, and that tired puppy of a vehicle is towed to your house. The neighbors are not happy. They can't see the vision with your eyes. Chances are your better half can't either, but with some smooth talking, casual maniacal laughter, and a few quick promises, you've appeased the car gods and the rust bucket, I mean Jeep, can be set to pasture in your driveway until you redeem yourself. To turn the 1500 pound lump of coal into something slightly worth less than a diamond. Now comes the part where it really begins. Gathering up the parts and accessories to assemble the biggest project you've ever had to deal with. A labor of love, blood, sweat, and a few wheel barrels of cash. Don't worry about the tears ...  those will probably come later. jeep accessories
Needless to say, it won't be long till you know all the sales people at Morris 4X4 Center on a first name basis. They help you get the right parts for your Jeep, so you can stay on track. You hook up with the Morris 4X4 Newsletter to get fresh promo codes to save some cash. You check the Specials Page consistently to get the best deals on parts. You have many sleepless nights wondering if there's a Promo Code for the next part you need. With every dollar you save, your Jeep is one day closer to being finished. And the Team at Morris 4X4 Center comes through time after time, easing your pain and your wallet. Months go by. It takes time, some busted knuckles, and the help of your new found Jeep buddies, but slowly you dream is starting to come to life. It's not long till the frame is solid, the tires and wheels are on, and the dirty body work is beginning to subside. Your better half is starting to eye your new found friend even more, and your neighbors, well, even they are starting to come around. jeep wrangler parts
You fire up the engine, and after many years of collecting nothing but dust, dirt, and bird droppings, the old mule fires up with some new parts and suddenly, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel (and your near empty bank account). With each upgrade and new fangled accessory, your life begins to bond with this little machine that beckoned you for a second chance from the side of the road. A few more months go by and with more hard work, it's ready to ride. The dream has come true. From that fateful day, months ago, when it was love at first sight, to the end of a lifelong struggle to get a Jeep in the driveway. You've done it! jeep cj parts
Now it's off to the trails! Built with Morris 4X4 Center parts from top to bottom!