The Star Wars speeder bike has finally become a reality. Every little kid who saw this thing zipping through the jungles of Endor in Return of the Jedi has always wanted one for themselves. The first video feeds off a child's whimsy. And the the second video actually let's us see the vehicle come to life. The working replica is fully functional, except it's on two wheels, instead of hovering above ground.

Star Wars Custom Speeder Bike Comes to Life

We like the idea of incorporating a guy in a storm trooper costume, but they barely even show the bike in action. Conversely, the video below doesn't have a storm trooper in it, but you get to watch the motorcycle doing its thing on the road. Wisconsin based custom machine shop Vintage Works can be credited with bringing this fine piece of craftsmanship to life. Being one of the most unique custom motorcycles on the planet, people have taken a fast liking to the fan-favorite replica. Star Wars Speeder Bike
You can check out their Facebook page for more pics of the speeder bike (also known as the 74-Z) with Star Wars fans in tow, as well as the power up/down sequence. Aside from it looking just like the original, it also comes complete with a 400 watt sound effect system that makes the same sounds as the one in the movies. What do you think of the Star Wars speeder bike? Tell us in the comments!

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