South Florida Jeep Parts & Accessories Company to Take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS-Challenge The employees of Morris 4x4 Center have been challenged by their families and friends for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But rather than do the Ice Bucket Challenge individually, they have decided to do it as a team and, in turn, challenge Jeep Enthusiasts, vendors, and manufacturers around the United States. Over 40 Morris 4×4 Center employees will gather Friday, around 1:00 pm eastern time, at their Pompano Beach, Florida location. Then the ice cold showers will begin! They’ll be videotaping the freezing challenge to show others later online, and they will extend the Ice Bucket Challenge to other Jeep companies and enthusiast. Morris 4×4 Center will also be donating to ALS. This company is no stranger to getting involved; they are constantly donating to charities and organizations around the world.  The company has built an orphanage in Haiti and started the Reach Haiti organization. Morris 4x4 has also held events to raise money for 4KIDS of South Florida and actively supports Calvary Chapel Ministries. Helping others is important to our values, with or without an Ice Bucket Challenge, and we hope others will feel the joy of helping out in their hearts as well.