Some Jeeps do double duty - on the highway during the week, but off into the trails on the weekend. However, if you have set your Jeep to live on the trails, or race it on weekends, Steinjager Internal Tire Carriers might be right up your ally.

Steinjager Internal Tire Carriers

This tire carrier makes it possible to carry your spare tire inside your Jeep, and still close the tailgate. It also keeps the weight of the tire inside and over the rear axle where you want it, rather than hanging off the back. Installing on the factory roll bar is easy. Once installed, there’s a polyurethane centering device that centers the tire, so you do not have to heave it around like a grizzly cub. It also uses a large racing-style wing nut so you can quickly throw the tire on the carrier, tighten it down, and go. Steinjager Internal Tire Carriers
When hardcore trailing, a spare tire is a must, especially, if you run large tires (the Steinjager Internal Tire Carrier can handle up to a 35-inch tire). Outside tire carriers are ok, but with trailing or racing, there are advantages to having the tire inside. You do have to take the seat out to install it, but you know that is not serious on a JK Wrangler. Even when installed, there’s still room around the tire carrier for your gear. You also have to make some small mods to the roll bar padding, where the tire carrier bolts on, but that is minor. The Steinjager Internal Tire Carriers is available in several colors to match your Jeep style, and made in the USA. It has sturdy, welded steel construction. Something you can depend on with any off-road trail. Innovative? Yes. It is a Steinjager!

PS. If you want to secure the spare tire from somebody's five finger discount when you step away from your Jeep, we recommend the Trimax Quadra Braid Trimaflex Cable.