Morris 4x4 Center is proud to add Steinjager to their ever growing line of quality Jeep parts and Accessories. Their products are developed by performance minded designers, along with some of the best fabricators, to bring you top shelf parts you can depend on. If you've never heard the Steinjager name, you'll definitely want to check out their Tube Doors. Made from U.S. steel tubing, with a 1.25" OD .086 wall , the cold formed steel structural tubing offers some protection and durability, plus they look good too! But that's not all. You can get them in a variety of pre-colored hues to match your Jeep, or just to spice your ride up to fit your style.

Getting Steinjager Jeep Doors In a Variety of Colors

The hot colors for now are Fluorescent Orange, Gloss Black, Locas Green, Lemon Peel, Military Beige, Neon Green, Pink, Playboy Blue, Red Baron, Southwest Blue, and a Textured Black. Steinjager Fluorescent Orange Tube Doors On Jeep
Best of all, these doors are easy to switch out with your stock doors. The Steinjager Tube Doors have custom machined door hinges, and the quick release detent pin is held to the door with a weather resistant cable, (to ensure you don't lose your door latch pin). There are also accessories for the Tube Doors to make them more comfortable and practical for trailing. Such as padding, mesh covers, and even mirrors. All of these parts are designed to work together so you don't have to mix and match.  The mirrors are a direct bolt on, and use a heavy duty steel bar to mount them so they can take a beating on and off road. Think about it. The pre-colored doors will save you money on not having to paint them. Which makes these tube doors a great bargain! Steinjager Door Hanger
By the way, Steinjager makes  a door hanger for your stock doors when you have them off and the tube doors on. You can mount this in your garage, so in seconds, you can store the doors safely, sturdy, and out of the way. Is that cool or what?

Stability and Suspension from Steinjager

But Steinjager just doesn't make accessories. They are make the hard core parts you depend on. You can outfit your Jeep Wranglers with their steel Upper Control Arms and Lower Control Arms. They offer adjustable front and rear swaybar links that are adjustable. Accessories Steinjager
Their Endlinks are adjustable as well, and allow for a quick disconnect. Which are the perfect companion piece to their adjustable swaybars. Looking for a Jeep Trackbar? Steinjager has one of those that's adjustable too. Now you can get that suspension right where you want it with tough Steinjager Suspension parts! If you want to adjust another couple of items, hook up with these Steinjager Adjustable Hood Latches. They have a bright polished chrome finish,and will keep your hood tight and help with less fluttering. And while you're installing those, don't forget the ever popular Steinjager side Mounted Can Caddy. Sweet ! (Remember to get two! or four if you have an Unlimited!) Now you can get Steinjager products right here ...  at the best prices! See ya on the trails!