Sometimes we forget how popular Jeeps are. How everyone wants one. They are also usually loaded with highly valuable parts than can be stripped and sold in a heartbeat.

Stranger asked for a phone but took the Jeep instead

A woman in Gadsden had her Jeep Wrangler stolen, right out from under her nose. A man approached her home and asked to use her phone. It is incredible, but she opened the door and let him into her house! Also, she was alone! She left him alone for a few minutes, and when she went to check on him, she found that not only was he gone - her Wrangler was gone too! (we suspect he saw her keys out in the open and took them). Fortunately, the woman was unharmed, and the Jeep was recovered by Police a short time later. Still intact it seems, as no damage or parts missing was reported. However, this could have been a tragic story in the end. She had some luck protecting her that day. Reports are that the suspect was apprehended a short time later. The suspect had felony warrants on him already and was suspected in several other car thefts (no mention if these were Jeeps). No matter what you drive, always be sure and think of safety. As much as it might seem someone has good intentions, once they are in your home, the danger needle has just gone up sharply. I am also thinking that hiding car keys at home (when they are not in your pocket) might be a good idea. Maybe just throw them in a decorative box with a lid on it, or even in a drawer somewhere. (out of sight, out of mind). While this is for safety, it is just one way to help prevent anyone taking you Jeep. Jeeps hold their value well. So they are desirable to drive but to steal as well. Be safe out there.