We know you love being off road. But would you enjoy it if it was through any other platform than your Jeep? Would you love the idea of being off road if it meant wearing motorized rollerblades? I doubt it.

The Wranglers of Rollerblades

Even though this post isn't about our typical coverage of Jeeps, 4x4s, and news, we've got to hand it to Polish inventor Jack Skopinski. He recently debuted his electric "off road" roller blades. The blades are capable of taking on paved paths and dirt trails. With 350 Watt DC motors strapped to each individual rollerblade, a rider can travel up to 12 miles reaching speeds of 9mph. With those kinds of stats, these really are the Wranglers of rollerblades!     Weighing in at 11 pounds, these blades (which are connected to a wired remote control) can take you off road. And while our preferred method of off road travel includes a Jeep, these puppies may be a cool gift for your kids. But then again, with a price tag of $1,400 dollars, we think the kids can enjoy themselves just as much inside the Jeep. We appreciate anyone who can build or re-purpose everyday items, which is part of why we love Jeeps. So this guy gets respect points for ingenuity and creativity. But with existing competitors coming in at lower prices, we don't see these being the break out product of 2016.     motorized-people-movers   The competitive advantage, of course, is the fact that these go off the beaten path. Another cool attribute them is their tank treads. Thanks to the good people over at endgadget for the informative material. You can read the original post here.   What do you think of these off road roller blades? Would you give them a try? Tell us in the comments.   Social Media: Read More: