American workers in Jeep production facilities will be facing temporary layoffs in the near future. FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne recently revealed plans to move Jeep and Ram production facilities. In an effort to cater to America's love affair with trucks and SUVs, some smaller vehicles in the FCA lineup will be moving abroad. The shuffling means that some workers will be displaced for a while. Ram 1500 trucks will be moving from the Warren Truck Assembly plant to the Sterling Heights Assembly plant, both in Michigan. The Compatriot (the Compass/Patriot replacement) will be moving from Belvidere Assembly in Illinois to Mexico and Brazil. While there will be temporary layoffs, Marchionne is optimistic US production will grow as a result of the strategy. Retooling North American plants may mean temporary layoffs, but will "yield an increase in manpower" (Marchionne was quoted) when all is said and done. There is no definitive date for when the Michigan plants will go down for production changes, or when some of the 9,500 workers there will be laid off. We do know that when the plants are back up, they will serve as alternate site for Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer Jeeps, among others. Union President Charles Bell of Sterling Heights is also optimistic about the overall outcome of the production moves. He did say though, that there are short term concerns his union workers are facing. For one, a second shift may be cut, resulting in 1,420 workers being laid off indefinitely. FCA is betting on Truck and SUV fever. The entire goal is to focus on big vehicle production. These moves will make room for more Wranglers coming off the line, as well as help the company to be debt free. Some believe the strategy is sound while others thinks it can be potentially dangerous. If gas prices soar and consumers stop buying as many trucks and SUVs for more fuel efficient cars, the plan may backfire. Marchionne believes that his plan will succeed even if buying habits shift, because the excess volume would serve the global market that is proving to demand Jeeps more and more. Much thanks to Detroit News for the information. You can see more story details and the original post here. What's your take on the Jeep production worker layoffs? Tell us in the Comments! Follow Us! Read More: