The End of the Jeep Liberty. It's Date With Destiny

Well I wouldn’t call it "destiny". I would say, more or less Chrysler is dropping the Jeep Liberty and hoping no one notices the Mid-range crossover SUV ever existed. It was only a matter of time, with the end of the Dodge Nitro in 2011. Being the ugly duckling and having its share of engine, transmission, and overall reliability issues. It was never truly up to Jeep standards. The Jeep Liberty never did so well in the sales department as Chrysler hoped either. But with the end in sight for the Jeep Liberty, Chrysler might bring something new to the table. And we love the word "new". The Liberty replacement has yet to be named. But insiders are suggesting it will have something to do with the new Dodge Dart platform. The Dodge Dart being all wheel drive with an available 9-Speed transmission, But this is all insider speculation. There has been no word from Chrysler for a replacement in North America. Jeep will roll out the last Jeep Liberty on August 15 2012. We look forward to see what will come next.