The Morris 4x4 Center Team Completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Just wanted to share with our Customers, Vendors and the Morris 4X4 Center family of Jeep folks out there that the ALS Bucket Challenge has been accepted to support this great cause. And it's all on video ! We had to wrangle up many of our employees during a busy weekday, for just a few minutes, so we could meet the Challenge together. With so many of us doing it at one time, we thought it would be fun to spell out the letters A-L-S. Preparations were made, standing spots were marked with chalk, and we did a run through to see how it would look and how much time it would take. Then it was back to work! to get some of the Jeep parts out the door to our great Customers! No time to be hanging about! After a short time, some of our team had made ready the essential tools of the ALS Bucket Challenge. Now to bring the employees back out again ! Time is of the essence since we still have a lot of orders to process. Quickly! As the employees came out, they could see that the Challenge was on. Waiting for each of us was a 5-gallon bucket of ice cold water with big chunks of ice in it. Brrr ! We were on our marks, the cameras were rolling, and the time to go was now ! Once it started, we each dumped the buckets with no hesitation! And believe me, it was plenty cold. But we did it on the first take! We had some great planning ahead of time, and it was a solid Morris 4x4 Center Team effort all around. While this was a fun thing to do, and getting a brief break from the hectic day was nice, in the end, we felt that we supported a good cause. The ice has been spilt, and a donation has been made to ALS. While it's a small thing on our part to do, just getting wet with some cold water, it can mean a lot to the folks who have ALS. We hope that their lives are better and encouraged by the support, not just from us, but all who have taken up the Challenge.

And on that note, we Challenge YOU ! Not just our great Morris 4x4 Center Jeep Customers and fans, but our vendors as well (such as Bestop, Crown Automotive, Rugged Ridge, and Smittybilt, just to name a few). Grab a bucket, some ice and water, and make a donation. Do it with your crew, do it with your loved ones, do it with your kids. Your few minutes of fun can change the lives of those with ALS.