For some, seeing a Wagoneer restoration in progress is like watching an ancient piece of art being delicately restored. Today, this doctor and woodworking enthusiast shares his personal Jeep story and love for the Wagoneer. All the way from the bayous of Louisiana, he's sharing his Wagoneer restoration project with all of us watching with baited breath. Below is part one of his three part series to bring his Grand Wagoneer Woody back to daily driver status.

Before You Restore Your Wagoneer

Just enough to tickle your fancy, this video gives you a little bit about his love for the Wagoneer and a peak under the hood. To keep things simple, Mr. Hampton Rutland tells us that many of the engine parts went from "black" to "shiny." Keep talking like that and we'll all be restoring our favorite old vehicles in no time! If there's anything to be taken from this video it's that when purchasing an older vehicle for the purpose of restoring it, you should know what you're up against. In his case, he knew he was dealing with:
  • a lot of rust
  • dents, dings, and scratches
  • smelly carpets and old leather
  • much more
In the video Rutland even says basically every functional part of the engine was replaced. He also knew he'd have to completely redo the interior and replace the conditioner and computer. Not that you didn't already know this, but restoring an old Jeep (especially the beloved Wagoneer) is a huge undertaking that you wouldn't want to take on halfheartedly. We're talking paint, upholstery, electronics, possibly new axles, engine parts, etc. And that's not even taking any mods into account. He plans on documenting the project and working on it with his son, which is a great way to bond and spend some time productively together. Don't forget to give him a like and follow his channel, and stay tuned for the rest of the restoration process. If you're looking to take on a project like this, check our our Wagoneer restoration parts for anything you might need along the way. We look forward to following along and eventually seeing the finished product.

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