Jeepers are just naturally outdoors people. From trailing, fishing, hunting, to even camping. If it can be done outdoors, chances are, it is the Jeep that will get you there. Many Jeep folks are bike riders (yes, even trail bike riders), so taking their bikes along with their Jeep is a plus at any time. Are you wondering, what is a good way to get your bikes to your favorite spot, especially if you have three or four bikes for the whole family?

Thule Hitch Bike Racks

Welcome, Thule Hitch Bike Racks to the Morris 4x4 line of brands.
You only need to have a hitch on your Jeep to use a Thule Hitch Bike Rack. No holes to drill, no fancy brackets or electronics. You only have to slide the carrier rack into the receiver on your hitch. A lock cylinder is included to secure the rack to your hitch for safety and protection. (The key also works a lock to hold the bikes to the rack). There are a few bolts and nuts to assemble the carrier itself. However, anyone handy with a screwdriver and an allen wrench can handle it. The Thule Bike Carriers have straps that secure the bike down. However, they are designed for different size bikes, and different size tires (for instance, if you have a “fat” or off road bike tire). If you need to get into the back of your vehicle with bikes loaded on it, the Thule Bike Carrier folds down out of the way for access. (If the rack is empty, you can rotate it into a vertical position). Thule Bike Racks fit 2-inch and 1.25 hitch receivers (depending on what you have). The standard Thule T2 Carrier holds two bikes, but with a Thule T2 Pro Carrier, you can carry four bikes. What could be easier, right? Don't have a receiver hitch already? Don't sweat it. We carry a full line of hitches and towing supplies. So now you can get everything you need in one place, at one low price, and you will be trail biking your way to an adventure in no time at all!