The TJ Jeep Wrangler, like Jeeps before it and after, can always use some more room inside, even if you have the TJL. This means, the last place you want to tuck in your spare tire is inside your already cramped and crowded Jeep. You want to pack that bad boy somewhere else, usually on the back of your ride, out of the way. There's several ways to get geared up and keep your spare tire, even a larger than stock one, free and clear and riding on the back of your Jeep.

TJ Tire Carrier Options

If you're ready to hit some trails, and need more ground clearance and durability, the Poison Spyder Rear Stinger Tire Carrier is the big dog setup you're looking for. It's light weight, practical, and is a unique fold down tire carrier. Pull a couple of upper pins and swing the carrier down to get to the spare. Bang - you're ready to go. Poison Spyder makes these in raw steel so you can paint them to match your Jeep, or you can powder coat them. That big flat piece of steel you see at the bottom is an integrated skid plate. Why? Because Poison Spyder doesn't do anything halfway. Protect your Jeep. This is a simple design to use, and it offers some fair visibility over other styles. TJ-tire-Carrier-poison-spider
If you're more of a traditional kind of driver, the ARB Rear Swing Out Carrier might be for you. It can handle up to a 42 inch tire. This carrier is tough, and designed to support the weight of a large spare tire with confidence - and no rattling noise. There's a gas-assist strut to help swing the carrier open, and a locking pin, in case you're on a slope (of course you are - you're in a Jeep!), that will hold it open for you. The carrier is made to work with the ARB Offroad bumper RB-5650010. Which also features a Hitch Receiver. If you want to add some more gear to your Jeep, why not put the spare tire carrier to good use? Check out Or-Fab's Swing Away Tire Carrier with the RotopaX System. It can support up to a 35 inch tire, and mounts the tire in a 5.5 inch higher location for lower ground clearance. Included are two RotopaX 3-gallon containers that attach to the carrier. There's also location mounts for a CB Antenna mount and a HiLift Jack. There's a reinforced inner fender brace to keep the carrier from ratting while driving. tj-tire-carrier-OR-Fab
If you've been thinking about upgrading your bumper, and maybe your spare tire carrier, why not do both at the same time? The LOD Xpedition Series Bumper with Tire Carrier is the best of both worlds. Made of tough 3/16 steel tubing for the carrier, the bumper combo includes two D-rings, a HiLift Jack mount, and an integrated hitch receiver. The carrier's hinge can be greased, and it uses a lever clamp latch. You can add optional parts to carry Jerry Cans, or even a Trail Rack to carry even more gear. This is a great spare tire carrier to take your Jeep TJ to almost anywhere! Body Armor makes a Spare Tire carrier that's a basic design, it's easy to use and swing open. It can handle up to a 37 inch tire. This carrier is designed to work with their Body Armor Formed Rear Bumper. Mounting the heavy duty 42mm spindle for the arm on the bumper makes it stronger for support, and doesn't compromise your stock tailgate hinges. The latch mechanism is a paddle type, with a loop latch for extra security. tj-tire-carrier-body-armor
If you're running Bestop products on your Jeep (and who isn't, right?), then Bestop's Oversize Highrock Tire Carrier has your name all over it. This unique carrier mounts to the chassis/frame and body points, giving it strength for up to a 35 inch tire. It doesn't attach to your hinges, or to the bumper. Because it attaches to the tailgate, it swings out with the tailgate in one fluid motion. Making it one of the easiest carriers to swing open. No more complicated latches, pins to pull, things to unbolt. If you can open the tailgate, you can swing this carrier out of your way for easy access to your gear in the back of your Jeep. So you can see, there are many options to make use of the back of your Jeep. The more gear you can pack outside the better, and these carriers get it all in one place, out of sight, and out of your Jeep. But ready at a moment's notice for the next adventure. Load it up and hit some trails !

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