Organizers of the Toledo Jeep Fest are looking for registrants who own a 1956-57 Jeep. In an effort to see every year model of Jeep's 75 years in business represented, event organizers would like these elusive Jeeps to come out of hiding. Jerry Huber, retired plant manager and Chair of Toledo Jeep Fest Steering committee, has been in the industry for quite some time. He stated last week that there's nothing "special" or rare about these two models, except for their age. Other than that, no one with those models has registered yet. Furthermore, they couldn't find either one in the Toledo area. The number of registered attendees is currently over 800 Jeeps and counting. The Toledo Jeep Fest is going to be the city's first of it's kind, taking up a large portion of downtown Toledo. Vehicle registration closes at the end of this month. You can register for the parade here. If you want to help them celebrate Jeep's 75th Anniversary you can find out more by calling (419) 960-5337 or email Much appreciation to the Toledo Blade for the original story and the cool stats below. toledo-jeep-plant-production-numbers Do you have a '56/'57 Jeep? Tell us in the comments and contact Festival Organizers now! Click to Share! Follow Us! Read More: