The Toledo, OH Jeep production plant ran out of steering wheels earlier this week. This lack of materials for the Grand Cherokee and Cherokee SUVs has resulted in three straight shift cancellations. Inventory of steering wheels were depleted. They are produced by Michigan based Key Safety Systems (Mexico plant). While production for the two best-selling models was halted, the Wrangler's production remains at full steam. The shortage of steering wheels has resulted in Wednesday's and Thursday's full shifts to be be cancelled, with shorter hours occurring on Tuesday. Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-Summit-Interior This comes at a time when Jeep is ramping up its efforts, restructuring production, and attempting to reach records sales. Can Jeep's ambition be tripping them up? Or is this slip up to be expected as a natural part of business for the international behemoth? We're sure Jeep will recover quickly from the hiccup, we're not sure how it's workers are coping with the lack of shifts. Jeep has already mentioned temporary layoffs. This can't be a positive sign for current workers concerned with their livelihood. Tell us your thoughts in the Facebook Comments! Follow Us! Read More: