Some concepts can come with some pretty useless 4x4 technology. I'm talking about some arbitrary, extraneous, far-out, terrible ideas. So there I was, tirelessly wandering the internet in pursuit of interesting Jeep topics to cover. Then I stumble across these gems. I can't stress enough how useless the concepts. Let's see how you feel about them.

The Land Rover Transparent Bonnet

Back in 2014, Land Rover came up with the idea of the transparent bonnet.  It allowed a driver to see "through" the front end while climbing rough terrain. The Discovery Vision concept used several cameras under the carriage. It was intended to be a "virtual spotter" for when climbing up obstacles became difficult, and the driver needed help knowing how to navigate. To that, we say "Where are your Jeep friends?" Really though, we don't have to tell you what trailing and mudding is about. It's fun to be alone sometimes, yes. But you shouldn't be taking on something too hard without the help of friends anyway. That's Four Wheelin 101.
One real life wheeler had this to say:useless-4x4-technology-comment Passionate, for sure. But we tend to agree. It seems like so many of the things that make owning a Jeep fun is systematically being replaced by useless 4x4 technology. At least it feels like automakers are attempting to take the good stuff away from us. And yes we know it was only a concept. But still!

The Renault Kwid Drone Concept

This piece is also from 2014. I guess we can consider 2014 the worst year for 4x4 ideas. The Renault Kwid concept featured a drone you could deploy. The drone could then scout for you and do some other nonsense that free apps could achieve too. The drone would be controlled from the Kwid's main console and send images/videos back to the car. useless-4x4-technology-renault-kwid-drone
Again, we are aware that this was also a concept. But it was modeled after a bird's nest for pete's sake! We're hoping that there's a 4x4 Renaissance where Jeeps return to their roots. No more hybrid and 4 cylinder talk. Let's get back to basics and make Jeeps rugged and and tough like they're supposed to be. By the way, the feature image displays the useless Xybernaut Poma. This was a wearable PC in 2002, FYI. What do you think? What other useless technology can you think of? Tell us in the Facebook comments bar. Follow Us! Read More: