Video: Jeep's Confusing Gear Shifter

In light of all the events surrounding Jeep's recalled Grand Cherokee shifters, words may not be enough to explain exactly what the problem is. Thanks to the people from, we get to share with you exactly what's going on with the shifter that is causing so much trouble. You'll recall that 2014 and 2015 Grand Cherokees have had their recalls expedited recently. FCA and the Jeep brand have been taking heat for these shifters, with consumers going as far as suing the company for growing safety concerns in the wake of actor Anton Yelchin's passing.

So there you have it. If you own a 2014/15 Grand Cherokee you should get in touch with your dealership as soon as possible in order to get your recall taken care of. The software update engages the vehicle's emergency brake when the driver side door is opened, keeping the vehicle from rolling. This recall has been a long time coming, as reports of rolling SUVs were coming in as early as last year. Hopefully Jeep and all automakers have used this as a learning experience and keep incidents like these from occuring in future when designing new shifters.

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