Thinking about the Wrangler Rubicon? Three words that really get your attention, especially when it's a 2016 model. But what are you really getting? If you've been thinking about a Wrangler, check out this Rubicon version, which is a welcome upgrade that's quite popular. Why look at a base model if you're an offroad enthusiast? Watch the video and get a full course meal on everything you might want to know without even setting foot at the dealership. This version Jeep gives you all kinds of electronic upgrades, from the kicking Hard Rock stereo to the cruise control to the descent control. This version shown in the vid is an automatic, but there is a option for a manual transmission for those who like shift themselves. Along with the Rubicon treatment, this version sports a V6 with 280hp engine.  But let's be realistic, the lack sound of the engine kind of underwhelming. This Wrangler could use a Cat Back exhaust tuning big time. The luxury is kept at a moderate level. Yeah, a little bit of leather is good here and there, but in the end, it's a Jeep. Not quite as rustic as a CJ series, but not a Lincoln LS by any means. While the Wrangler is available as a 2-door, this is the 4-door, which outsells the 2-door model by probably 100 to 1. It's also a hard top, another popular option that sells very well. We're also giving this video points for showing all the ins and outs of a 2016 Wrangler. He folds down the seats, shows off the dash, and covers every angle. While the price is mentioned, you have to realize that the Rubicon versions has a lot of 4-wheeling extras and upgrades so you can go directly from the showroom floor to the trails. A lot of those upgrades are underneath with the suspension, axles, skid plates, and more. So you can't really see them in the video. But one you're offroad trailing, you'll be glad your Jeep came with them. What do you think of the Rubicon Wrangler? Tell us in the comments! Share This Post! Follow Us! Read More: