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Voice Actress Kelly Buttrick Launches Campaign to Work for Jeep

Kelley Buttrick, voice actress and Jeep-for-Life customer, loves Jeep so much that she’s created and launched an entire ad campaign aimed at soliciting FCA for an opportunity to work as the voice of Jeep. That’s right, she mustered up the courage to put her cards on the table and let Jeep know exactly what she wants, in grand fashion. Buttrick has created seven video spots petitioning to work for the company, citing her love of Jeep (her stepfather built a Jeep when she was 7 years old, and she’s owned Jeeps ever since). She alludes to her professional résumé working as a voice actress for top brands the likes of Whirlpool and Toys R Us. In addition to the videos, she has employed a holistic marketing approach with a direct mail component and social media, using the hashtag: #KB4Jeep on Twitter. Below is just one example of her campaign tweets:   She addresses that she understands Jeep’s customer base is predominantly male, but cleverly contends that hers is “A voice for any terrain.” I like the tagline. And if Jeep really meant what they said in their Superbowl ad (“We don’t make Jeep You do”), then bringing her on board shouldn’t be a problem. That doesn’t mean she should be automatically hired, though—I don’t know how many companies rejected me for seeming a bit too enthusiastic. And while this brazen attempt to get recognized might border "creeper" status, we appreciate the unique approach. If nothing else, she gets a gold star for effort. What would be your Dream Job with Jeep? Tell us in the comments!