Lori Simon, Rapid City, South Dakota's new superintendent, is going to receive annual compensation of $207,000, a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and 5 weeks of paid vacation. How is this any of our business? No idea! But we found this piece of news on the internet, and found it interesting, to say the least. Several people in the Rapid City community have complained about the new Superintendent's compensation package, but informed members of the industry say it's right on par.

Personal Automobiles a Common Practice In District Jobs

To put things in perspective, Simon will be taking on a pretty large school district. And that's not even the half of it. The huge responsibility she is undertaking includes budgets, students, and faculty. People who are complaining about this lady's success don't even realize personal use vehicles come standard with a lot of different roles. For instance, district electricians and plumbers get utility vans. Transportation managers are issued Chevy Suburbans. So are Facility and Grounds managers in Rapid City. I used to live in South Dakota. I'm thinking I chose the wrong state and career choice! Such is life. 2017-jeep-grand-cherokee-trailhawk And by the way, it turns out that the new Jeep is actually a cheaper alternative to providing her with mileage reimbursement over time. Considering how much fuel a big Jeep can consume, we tend to agree. We're happy for Lori Simon. We hope she does great things for the kids in her school district and enjoys her new Grand Cherokee. And now you know:  if you've been wanting a Jeep for a long time now, all you've got to do is work your way up the ranks of public academia! I wonder if she'll be getting a special trim like the Summit... What kind of Jeep would you pick with your new dream job? Follow Us! Read More: