Owning a Jeep is one big adventure. You never know when something might happen on the way to work or the side of the road. Something that might require your Mighty Jeep to save the day avert a disaster or get called into action. Then there are the weekends when you hit the trails to find that one breathtaking mountain view. That one trail that takes you places no one has been before. Alternatively, how you caught that big mouth bass with your bare hands in three feet of water. Well, now you can record your journey with a WASP Live Action Sport Camera.

WASP Live Action Sport Camera

These cameras are state of the art and more advanced than other brands. You are not just recording video; you are recording HD. Up to 1080 / 30fps (along with and 720p60fps/WVGA 60fps/VGA 120fps options). So you are getting, and filming, the best moving action to take home and share. The cameras are Wifi capable so that you can connect them to your smartphone. Now your friends and family can see the high mountain and trail sights as you do. LIVE! It has an all new level for sharing your adventures. The camera also allows you to edit your videos. However, there’s much more. The camera is waterproof, (down to 98 feet), so if you are out in the weather, maybe a shower here and there, or you cross a creek, you will not lose your recording ability. You can keep on shooting and never miss a moment of your active life.

Do you like still pictures too? The WASPcam Action Sports Cameras does that too. It snaps images up to 12-megapixel (or 8 or 5mp to get more images), that will be stunning to share. The camera supports a microSD card up to 32GB (Class 10), this allows you to store images and video quickly, and transfer it to another device later. It is also USB and HDMI compatible. To make the camera more easy to use for everyday life, they feature a 1.5 LCD screen, car charger, a wireless wrist remote (extremely handy!), several different style mount options if you want to install it hands-free, and a rechargeable battery. The cases are black. However, the there is a Camo version for the serious outdoorsman and allows for different functions to make it easier to capture wildlife moments. The WASPcam 9907 4K model has a unique loop recording and an auto-looping function, which allows the camera to be used as a dash camera. Users can have their camera record in two-minute, five-minute, or even 10-minute segments. The WASPcam Action Sports Camera has all the high-end features you want in an outdoor action camera. Also, probably a few you never thought about. It is the perfect accessory for living the Jeep life and sharing it.