Introducing the rugged COFFEEBOXX. This one is for the coffee fanatics in our readership. When you're camping, trailing, or working in the garage, you need to keep a steady stream of high octane coffee coming in. The COFFEEBOXX is touted as the toughest coffee machine out there. Made by OXX, it can endure whatever you throw at it.

COFFEEBOXX Takes a Lickin'

Before we saw the video, our thought was "How much can a coffee machine really take?" Then we saw a Wrangler sitting on 4 of them. And then an explosion. So that was pretty cool. And while I'm not sure how tough you really need your coffee machine to be, COFFEEBOXX has you covered. We get it though. You're out there in rugged environments where your equipment ins prone to falling or having tools fall on it. The COFFEEBOXX Features:
  • Water Resitance
  • Dust Resitance
  • Rust Resitance
  • 2.5 Liter Water Tank
  • 3 Ft. Power Cord
It's water tight and won't spill when you're trailing or driving on bumpy terrain. coffeeboxx Check out their Special Ops bundle for a limited edition black model with lots of goodies to go with it. What do you think of the durable coffee maker?

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